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Vehicle Maintenance

When you need a professional mechanic to conduct a comprehensive auto diagnostic you’ll be proud of, you wouldn’t go wrong to give TechMaster Auto a try. Our years of experience in this industry has given us a proven edge over other car experts, meaning we will always deliver a comprehensive car check to ensure your car is working optimally.


Battery Change

Are you having problems with your car battery and you need it changed? Reach out to us lets help change your faulty battery swiftly while ensuring you go about your business without bothering that your car may breakdown.


Tires Fix & Replacements

Changing tires is perhaps one of the most difficult things for car owners, more so, the whole process can be messy and time consuming. But you know what, why sweat it when you’ve got people you can trust to do the job for you? At TechMaster Auto, we pride in delivering a swift tire change services, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.


Tow Truck

Do you need help in case your car eventually breaks down? Not to worry, the guys at Tech Master Auto are just a phone call away. Reach out to us and we would come to your rescue any time, any day.


Oil & Brakes Checks

With us at your service, changing your car oil and brake is a stroll in the park. The best part is that we deliver right on time, meaning you don’t have to miss an important schedule just because you want your oil or break checked.


Engine Repairs

Let us help you get your engine running smooth and efficient. From a tuneup to full rebuild you can trust TechMaster to get the job done correctly the first time.

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